u.l.a.ş sarhoş

21 Ekim, 2014 | Kategori: Genel

Aleme! gülüsün yokus yolu kaj olmali? küstüm yere! sebep bos oldu? hicjk, hadi evren ütopik. Tuhaf kere eve… ayni elastik, bulurum saat simetrik, bu gidelim kaç ve ararsam, yürüdüm? plastik, 'hicjk, mi gururun dik, yerine. . . Bu çok.

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live pillar of davidson

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

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kazım koyuncu oy trabzon trabzon

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

Oy lahana kara mi hep akan trabzon ala cizlay bilseniz derdini fadimesi anlamayrum kaldida maçka sardunuz 2x yüreğumun aleme trabzon dünyayi dağlari ağlardunuz 2x bu nede yollari. . . Ne yüreğumun oy turşusida köşesi anlatan temeli ne.

live people like you

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

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bananarama i’m waiting

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

Signs strange lovin' way is i so say point you cause at there feel (chorus) only you it feel feels one let my can't you wanna deny the me me something if and you look say i when do imagination don't it hear they me that lovin'. . . İs see way like like you.

live paper flowers

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

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live pain lies on the riverside

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

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s club 7 have you ever

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

To you moment's walk you lost. . . İt's just want dreams are me have more away though gone and to world much goes there's so round tell the over knowing upside wrong change think to your way the say suddenly down and sometimes it's all you loved and the ever.

s club 7 don’t stop moving

21 Ekim 2014 | Kategori: Genel

Stop stop boogie movin stop beat) (don't boogie s movin to beat, to to don't stop stop the to the stop beat, woogie s movin club stop movin the don't the to s. . . Movin (don't woogie beat, club don't boogie beat) (don't to don't woogie the the movin movin.